Capturing Video and/or Audio in Qualtrics

CameraTag is the Research Programming team’s suggested method of capturing and collecting video and/or audio from Qualtrics survey participants. The CameraTag platform streamlines the collection process in addition to providing media hosting. CameraTag does charge a small monthly fee based on the minutes of collected content. See more about CameraTagRead More

Windows Research in AWS

Tired of using your computer’s resources for research?  Need another windows space to crunch some numbers?  Don’t have the time learn Linux?  Want to do interactive research?  We have the solution for you! Wharton Computing is thrilled to announce the brand new Windows Research space at Wharton!  Powered by AmazonRead More

Research & Analytics Office Hours

R&A Office Hours Present will be both a research computing and a research programming team member, so bring your questions about research technologies, data, and programming … if it’s part of your research, we want to learn about it, and help you accomplish your research goals. Or just stop inRead More

8 Qualtrics Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier – Number 6 Will Make Your Day

Advanced question options icon

Researchers live for collecting data. Here at Wharton we use Qualtrics regularly, and our postgraduates are always doing something more complicated than a conjoint analysis or Likert scale. These are some of our favorite Qualtrics hacks that multiply your ability to get a great data set. The examples below areRead More

Need Programming? We’ve Got You Covered!

Wharton Research IT is pleased to announce we have expanded our programming resources to include the following: Research programming:  We now have programmers available to help build experiments, applications and more in support of your research. To request programming help, please contact  You can find out more at Statistical consulting: Read More