SecureCRT is the university recommended program for a SSH and SSH-FTP client for Windows. It can be downloaded from:

Helpful Global Options

  • Options > Global Options > General > Configuration folder: My Documents (or somewhere else that exists)
    • If you have Dropbox, a Dropbox folder is highly convenient and helps keep configurations consistent across machines
  • Options > Global Options > General > Default Session > Edit Default Settings button
    • Connection > Protocol: SSH2
    • Connection > SSH2
      • PublicKey: Move UP above Password (for use with #Public Key Authentication)
      • Remote/X11: check Forward X11 packets checkbox (for graphical interface)
    • Terminal > Emulation: Logical rows: at least 50, Scrollback buffer: at least 1000

Public Key Authentication

SSH keys replace the need for passwords for logging into services and are actually much secure.

Reminder: NEVER give out your SSH private key or keep it in an insecure file location. This gives out your access to services.
  • If you haven’t done so already, connect once to the server
  • File > Connect SFTP Tab
  • Change directories on your local machine to a Dropbox or My Documents directory:
    • For example: lcd C:Users<username>DropboxSecureKeys
  • Copy remote SSH private key and public key files (might be id_rsa* on some systems)
    • get .ssh/id_dsa*
  • quit (and close SFTP tab)
  • Options > Global Options > SSH2 > Public key > Browse to and select your file