Windows Research Portal – AWS EC2

Windows Research Portal has been created to allow Windows Research to provide AWS EC2 instances as a research environment with much more powerful capabilities!

The Windows Research Portal environment will show you all the AWS WorkSpaces and EC2 that are part of your research work.  From here, you will have the capability to turn on/off your EC2s.  Normally, you would not have the capability to turn your EC2s on after it is turned off.  This way you can turn off your EC2 when you are not running any jobs and turn it back on when you need it again.  This will allow you to be more efficient as a researcher so you are only incurring charges while you are running your jobs.

Example of Windows Research Portal

If you are interested in using Windows EC2 and the Windows Research Portal as part of your research work, please reach out to us by filling out the following form!