AWS Cost Guidelines for Windows

We have migrated most of our servers from the data center to the cloud.  With that comes a change in the way money is spent since the cloud relies on on-demand charging.  Wharton computing is very careful to monitor spend by everyone at Wharton, but are also happy to share the costs of various AWS services.  Keep in mind that many of these costs will be subsidized up to 40% by wharton computing!


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Specs Root Volume User Volume Monthly Pricing Hourly Pricing
2 vCPU, 8GB Memory 175 GB 100GB $56.00 $19.00/month + $0.47/hour
4 vCPU, 16 GB Memory 175 GB 100 GB $78.00 $19.00/month + $0.68/hour
8 vCPU, 32 GB Memory 175 GB 100 GB $140.00 $19.00/month + $1.53/hour

Windows EC2 Instances

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Instance Name On-Demand Hourly Rate vCPU Memory Network Performance
t3.medium $0.06 2 4 GiB Up to 5 Gigabit
m4.xlarge $0.384 4 16 GiB High
c5n.large $0.20 2 5.25 GiB Up to 25 Gigabit
r5.2xlarge $0.872 8 64 GiB Up to 10 Gigabit