Statistical Programming

Wharton Research IT has partnered with an experienced statistician with expertise in the entire research process from study design and dataset development through analysis and publication. Skills include multivariate regression, simultaneous equation models, survival analysis, cluster analysis, multiple imputation, and factor analysis.


Our focus is to assist you with your research questions and find the best way to implement solutions. We are not directly involved with the theory or hypotheses of your research. Due to the resource constraints, we must limit our involvement from both a time and cost perspective. We will define our assistance as an engagement that has a maximum time length of 80 work hours and consists of a well-defined end of engagement return. Your research question/project can and may involve multiple Engagements but cannot utilize the same return. Projects are likely to exceed the time limit will only be accepted by the group when there is excess availability  and are subject to re-prioritization.  We currently use a First in, First Out workflow.


The first two hours will be used to learn more about your research and ask questions so that we can help guide you in developing your research question based on available technology and determine what is the end of engagement return.

Once there is agreement on the scope of work, you will responsible for all work beyond the initial 2 hours. The hourly rate is determined based on the consultant.

Other Resources

The library’s Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship has a helpful guide that covers the following topics:

  • Research Data Management and Planning
  • Projects, Methodologies, and Tools
  • Geospatial Methods
  • Open Access & Publishing

The library also offers guides to statistical software.

Please contact us at for more information.