Connecting to Windows Research

AWS WorkSpaces

  • In order to connect to your Windows Research environment, you will need to download the AWS WorkSpaces client.  The AWS WorkSpaces client is available for Windows and Macs.
  • After installing and starting the client, you should see the following.

  • Before you login please click on “Change Registration Code” from there you can enter your registration code.  You will only have to do this once.  The registration code should be provided by your administrator.  If you haven’t received your registration code please email
  • After you enter your registration code you can click on register.  Now at the login screen you should use your Wharton credentials to login.  For username you can just use your username.  You do not need to add “”.  If you would like to test or reset your Wharton credentials you can do it through this link –
  • Afterwards you should have access to the Windows Research environment.  You should also have admin access to this environment to install any other software you might need.