We offer tightly-integrated OpenMPI and MPICH2 on the HPCC.

MPI Selection (module)

The default MPI module is `mpi/openmpi-x86_64` (GNU CC/C++ & Fortran). If you wish to use the Intel compilers, or the MPICH2 MPI, you will need to edit your `~/.bashrc` file, find the ‘MPI SELECTION’ section, and uncomment ONLY the MPI module that you with to use, before any MPI commands are run on the HPCC. We recommend asking us about this first, if you believe that you should be doing this.

C MPI on the HPCC

More information: C/C++ on the HPCC (including MPI)

Fortran MPI on the HPCC

Submitting a Fortran MPI Job

Remember Job Management with job/slot limits for job queues.

Create Fortran MPI Commands File

Create a .f file with your commands, for example: Fortran/Sample MPI Commands File

Compile Fortran MPI Code

Compile the .f commands file with the appropriate compiler:

qrsh mpif90 -o your-commands-file your-commands-file.f

Create Fortran MPI Job Script

Create a .sh file with at least the following contents:

mpiexec your-commands-file

Submit Fortran MPI Job

qsub -pe openmpi 4

More information: Job Management