We offer tightly-integrated OpenMPI and MPICH2 on the HPCC.

MPI Selection (module)

The default MPI module is `mpi/openmpi-x86_64` (GNU CC/C++ & Fortran). If you wish to use the Intel compilers, or the MPICH2 MPI, you will need to edit your `~/.bashrc` file, find the ‘MPI SELECTION’ section, and uncomment ONLY the MPI module that you with to use, before any MPI commands are run on the HPCC.

C MPI on the Grid

More information: C/C++ on the HPCC (including MPI)

Fortran MPI on the Grid

Submitting a Fortran MPI Job

Remember Job Management with job/slot limits for job queues.

Create Fortran MPI Commands File

Create a .f file with your commands, for example: Fortran/Sample MPI Commands File

Compile Fortran MPI Code

Compile the .f commands file with the appropriate compiler:

qrsh mpif90 -o your-commands-file your-commands-file.f

Create Fortran MPI Job Script

Create a .sh file with at least the following contents:

mpiexec your-commands-file

Submit Fortran MPI Job

qsub -pe openmpi 4

More information: Job Management