Training Basics

HPCC 101 Documents

Software Carpentry Lessons are the best. If you don’t have basic Linux command line skills, we highly recommend that you go through their The Unix Shell lesson. Look for an instructor-led version of this, and their Version Control with Git in the near future

HPCC Basics Tutorial (PDF) … this is pretty old, and somewhat outdated

UNIX Command Line Reference Card (PDF)

HPCC 101 Videos

HPCC: What is it?

A brief overview of Wharton’s High Performance Compute Cluster (HPCC).

Wharton VPN – Coming Soon!

mobaXterm Installation

Installation of mobaXterm, Wharton Research Computing’s preferred SSH and SFTP client for Windows. OSX (Mac) and Linux/UNIX users already have an SSH client: Terminal, so you can skip this video … see our Access Page for details on connecting for other OSes.

Batch Jobs with qsub

Use Univa Grid Engine’s ‘qsub’ command to run research code on Wharton’s HPCC.