Research & Analytics Office Hours

R&A Office Hours

Once a month, members of our Research & Analytics team will be available to your department via Blue Jeans, ready to answer your data acquisition and analysis questions.

Present will be both a research computing and a research programming team member, so bring your questions about research technologies, data, and programming … if it’s part of your research, we want to learn about it, and help you accomplish your research goals. Or just stop in to say hello, and tell us what you’re working on. We look forward to discussing your research!

And if you can’t make it to one of our departmental office hours, feel free to e-mail, and we will set up a time to chat.

See the monthly schedule below for dates & times.

Departmental Schedule

Department Day of Month Time Location (A Blue Jeans link will be emailed the day before the session)
ACCT 1st Tue 10a-12p SHDH 1323
MGMT 3rd Tue 1p-3p SHDH 2064
FNCE 4th Tue 10a-12p FNCE Lunch Room
BEPP/REAL 2nd Wed 1p-3p BEPP/REAL Lounge
OID 3nd Wed 1:30p-3:30p JMHH 540
LGST 1st Thu 1p-3p JMHH 657
HCMG 2nd Thu 1p-3p CPC Fac Lounge
MKTG 3rd Thu 10a-12p JMHH 757
STAT 4th Thu 10a-12p JMHH 452

With two decades of experience supporting research and more than a decade at The Wharton School, Hugh enjoys the challenges and rewards of working with world-class researchers doing Amazing Things with research computing. Robust and scalable computational solutions (both on premise and in The Cloud), custom research programming solutions (clever ideas, simple code), and holistic, results-focused approaches to projects are the places where Hugh lives these days. On weekends you're likely to find him running through the woods with a topo map and compass, orienteering.