Windows Research in AWS

Tired of using your computer’s resources for research?  Need another windows space to crunch some numbers?  Don’t have the time learn Linux?  Want to do interactive research?  We have the solution for you!

Wharton Computing is thrilled to announce the brand new Windows Research space at Wharton!  Powered by Amazon Workspaces, we are now able to offer on-demand, fast, and secure virtual desktops using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There are many benefits to using this environment for your research:

  • Windows! No need to learn a new OS.
  • Available when you need it, off when you don’t (cost savings)
  • Vertically Scalable, so when your project gets busy you can get a more powerful desktop in AWS
  • Horizontally Scalable, so when you need more people working on your projects, we can provide you MORE desktops
  • We can install R, Stata, Matlab, SAS, Mathematica, and any other windows compatible research tool you like to use
  • You can access this environment from anywhere by using the workspaces client


Want to try it out?  Or just want more info?  Email!

Love the nitty gritty?  Read about the details here: