Capturing Video and/or Audio in Qualtrics

CameraTag is the Research Programming team’s suggested method of capturing and collecting video and/or audio from Qualtrics survey participants. The CameraTag platform streamlines the collection process in addition to providing media hosting. CameraTag does charge a small monthly fee based on the minutes of collected content. See more about CameraTag Pricing here.


In this demo we use CameraTag to request access to the participant’s camera, prompt the participant to record a short video, publish that video to CameraTag’s server, and then play the video back to them.

This demo was designed to show the flexibility of the CameraTag platform; video playback is supported but not required.

Audio only demo


Participants can be limited to sharing just webcam photos, videos, or audio recordings. You can also allow sharing of existing media files.

The recording interface and experience is highly customizable. Below you can see two version of the post record screen. The first is the default, the second a customized version.

Original interface
alternative interface
Alternative Interface


The Research Programming team has the ability to move media assets off CameraTag’s server to AWS S3, Dropbox or PennBox, freeing up space for future recordings. We can also assist you in bulk operations such as download and transcription.

If you are interested in this service please email