EPO PATSTAT 2016b (Fall) is Here!

Wharton Research Computing is excited to announce the European Patent Office’s PATSTAT Fall 2016 (2016b) worldwide patent data. We have loaded Fall 2016 PATSTAT onto our HPC systems, including: raw CSV files (in ZIPs) at /data/PATSTAT/patstat2016b indexed tables (for fast queries!) in our MySQL servers as the ‘patstat2016b’ database University 2016 PATSTAT subscribers alreadyRead More

Worldwide Patents Database: PATSTAT

Wharton Research Computing is delighted to announce the acquisition and hosting of a patents database that covers industrialized nations as well as the leading developing nations. PATSTAT is created by the European Patent Office (EPO). It contains data on over 67 million patent applications and 35 million granted patents. ResearchersRead More