Wharton HPCC Hardware Has Arrived

Wharton Research Computing is excited to announce that our new High-Performance Computing Cluster is here! This hardware refresh is now in the process of being brought online. Wharton researchers can look forward to two terabytes of working memory and 512 of the fastest currently available CPU cores. This platform will be brought to bear for running research code at scale, and serve as a springboard to cloud resources. The system will be referred to as Wharton HPCC, successor to the Wharton Grid.

cluster compute nodes laid out and ready to be inserted


Jamie Pemantell of Wharton Core Services holding one of the new Dell compute nodes


sliding one of the new nodes into the racked chassis

As a specialist in Linux and high-performance computing, Burris enjoys enabling faculty within The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania by providing effective research computing resources. Burris has been involved in research computing since 2001. Current projects find Burris working with HPC, big data, cloud computing and grid technologies. His favorite languages are Python and BASH. In his free time, he enjoys bad cinema, video editing, synthesizers and bicycling.