More Memory for High-Performance Computing Cluster


We have added 1.5 terabytes of memory to The Wharton High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC). This upgrade takes the system to over 6TB of total available memory for our research computing needs.

After the upgrade, we now have three compute nodes with half a terabyte of memory each! This is a boon for researchers with large-memory needs. I’m looking at you STATA users. Old memory DIMMs were also rolled-over to upgrade an additional three nodes to 256GB, now eleven total.

As a specialist in Linux and high-performance computing, Burris enjoys enabling faculty within The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania by providing effective research computing resources. Burris has been involved in research computing since 2001. Current projects find Burris working with HPC, big data, cloud computing and grid technologies. His favorite languages are Python and BASH. In his free time, he enjoys bad cinema, video editing, synthesizers and bicycling.