NOTE 2023 :: due to lack of interest AMPL has been retired from the cluster. Please contact Research Computing with any questions.

Per our vendor (Artelys):

AMPL is a comprehensive and powerful algebraic modeling language for linear and nonlinear optimization problems, with discrete or continuous variables.

Developed at Bell Laboratories, AMPL lets you use common notations and familiar concepts to express optimization models and examine solutions while the computer manages communication with an appropriate solver.

AMPL’s flexibility and convenience make it ideal for rapid prototyping and model development, while its speed and control options make it an efficient choice for repeated production runs.

We have 5 floating AMPL licenses installed on our HPCC systems here at Wharton:

  • The AMPL client is installed as ‘ampl​’ on compute nodes
  • There is also an AMPL API, accessible via MATLAB, C++, and Java – see /usr/local/ampl/amplapi on a compute node for details
  • There is a basic demo script in /usr/local/demo/optimization/ampl on all HPCC systems
  • All of the software files are in /usr/local/ampl on all compute nodes
  • There are sample models in /usr/local/ampl/MODELS, and there is more documentation at the Artelys (our vendor) site: