More RAM for All

We recently adjusted the amount of RAM / memory available to all users of the High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC). The default all.q job queue cap has been raised from 640GB to 1024GB, a whole terabyte of memory!

Additionally, if you are not familiar with the short.q job queue, please give it some consideration. If you would like to run more than 64 simultaneous jobs, and the tasks complete in under four hours, the short.q will allow a maximum of 256 running jobs, with a total memory limit of 4096GB, four terabytes. Here is more about the short.q.

As a specialist in Linux and high-performance computing, Burris enjoys enabling faculty within The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania by providing effective research computing resources. Burris has been involved in research computing since 2001. Current projects find Burris working with HPC, big data, cloud computing and grid technologies. His favorite languages are Python and BASH. In his free time, he enjoys bad cinema, video editing, synthesizers and bicycling.