Prospective Panel Members

Information for Prospective WBL Panel Members

The WBL operates two lab locations JMHH F82 and SHDH 112. Members of the WBL panel are mainly Penn students, but also include staff and members of the community. Each session lasts 30 to 60 minutes. During a session panel members may complete questionnaires, participate in online experiments, or interact in groups. Payment for each session is usually $10, but may exceed that amount for studies in which payment depends on performance in some way. Members report that most of the studies are interesting. By joining the panel, however, you are agreeing to do your honest best on every task, regardless of how interesting or boring it is to you personally. Members can only participate once in each session. Each lab begins a new session every week. Most sessions can use all panel members, but some sessions need specific groups (e.g., women only) or must exclude members who have participated in very similar studies in the past.

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