Wharton Behavioral Lab

The Wharton Behavioral Laboratory (WBL) provides a variety of services that support data collection for behavioral research on business-related topics. The primary goal is to enhance the research productivity of Wharton faculty by minimizing the operational costs, both time and money, of conducting research. The primary services provided are maintaining and updating facilities, recruiting participants, handling administrative tasks, and staffing for a state-of-the-art experimental research laboratory that is a shared asset for all faculty and students doing behavioral research. It contributes to Wharton’s reputation for excellence in academic research and enhances Penn’s ability to attract and retain the very best scholars.

The WBL runs a large variety of studies. Most on-campus studies involve the use of a desktop computer and a questionnaire. Since the pandemic, we have been seeing an influx of more interactive and complex studies as researchers come up with innovative ideas. The WBL has also added a new feature, remote sessions, in which we send a survey or Zoom link directly to you. While the specific details of the studies are not available on our website once posted, you will be informed about the type of study and asked to give consent prior to each.

Studies can involve group work, conversations, negotiations, eating/drinking, estimations, presentations, heart-rate variability, EEG, facial expression analysis, and much, much more!

The WBL is located on campus in the basement of Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, to the right of Joe’s Cafe.

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Suite 400

3620 Locust Walk

Philadelphia, PA 19104