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What We Do

Wharton Computing’s Research IT Team supports, enhances and extends the School’s ongoing creation and dissemination of relevant business knowledge and research by ensuring our users have access to the latest tools, infrastructure, and technical expertise.  We focus on three broad areas:

  • Data analysis (high performance computing, cloud bursting, wide variety of analytical tools)
  • Data collection (web scraping, dataset acquisition, Wharton Behavioral Lab experiments, Qualtrics/mTurk integration)
  • Technical Consulting (code optimization, elastic architectures, research programming)

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Who We Are

Robert Botto Technical Lead, Wharton Behavioral Lab
Gavin Burris Senior Project Leader, Research Computing
Nancy Golumbia Director of Research Data
Jeremy Kim Senior Systems Administrator
Alec Lamon Senior Director, Research & Analytics
Hugh MacMullan Director of Research Computing
John Piotrowski Senior Project Leader, Research Programming
Jim Tracy Senior Application Developer, Research Programming
Margaret Troncelliti Senior Data Engineer
Shawn Zamechek Senior Project Leader, Research Programming

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