Research Repos

Wharton Computing offers local version control repository hosting, backed by either Git or Subversion (take your pick, or try both).

Why Version Control?

Take a look at Code and Data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner’s Guide for a very convincing argument for Version Control in the Social Sciences.

Getting Access

To activate your version control repository, please send an e-mail from your Wharton e-mail account to Research Computing and let us know which ‘flavor’ (Git or Subversion or both) you would like to be activated, and if you’re using Git and would like to use SSH public key access, send us your public key (not your private key). We will set up your repository(ies) and get back to you within 1 business day.

Connection Details


All access from networks not on Penn’s campus requires an active VPN connection. Please see our VPN page for details on installation and operation of the client

To connect to a repository, use one of the following origin strings, depending on what ‘flavor’ of repository you are connecting to. Remember: unless you’re an RA, Co-Author, or group member working in a group repo, your repo name will be your username.

Git via ssh+pubkey

Note: ‘git’ is the username you will use if you use an ssh key. Only substitute the repo name for ‘repo’ in ‘repo.git’.

Git via  https

Subversion via https

NOTE: when you connect on Linux systems (HPCC and others) you will be asked whether you wish to save your credentials unencrypted. This is generally a bad thing (as they are your broader ‘Wharton’ credentials). To enable keyring encrypted storage see Enabling Keyring Password Storage.

Client Software

There are few solid Git and Subversion clients out there. Here is a list of GUI Git Clients. Here are some Subversion Clients. We recommend (by OS):



The ‘official books’ from the developers: