Faculty Hub

Faculty and researchers at Wharton can use Faculty-hub to collaborate and share data with fellow researchers both within and externally to Wharton.

  • Faculty-hub is based upon Microsoft Sharepoint technology
  • There is a 4GB default limit on each Faculty-hub site

Please contact your Academic Distributed Representative to:

  • have a Faculty-hub site created
  • grant access to other users to your site
  • create accounts for non-Wharton users

Here are some basic Sharepoint tips.

  • For best results, use Internet Explorer when you want to add/delete/move files
  • Internet Explorer may prompt you to install an ActiveX plugin while browsing in the Sharepoint site – if so, install it
  • Sharepoint can be temperamental, and may take a few tries to get it working right. Feel free to contact your departmental IT representative if you continue to have problems

General tips for Windows users:

To add a new folder, first browse to where you want to place the folder. If you want to place it in the top-most level, be sure to click on “Documents” in the Main section of the left-hand menu.

Once in the Documents view, click on any file to bring up the Library Tools ribbon toolbar in the top.

Click on “Documents” under Library Tools to bring up the Documents editing ribbon.

Use the “Upload Document” and “New Folder” buttons to upload new files and create new folders respectively. Clicking on either will bring up windows to upload documents or create new folders.

If you click on the arrow underneath “Upload Document”, it will bring up a menu to upload multiple files at once.


For a more flexible interface, it is possible to view the Documents container as a folder in Windows Explorer – this is known as “Explorer View”. Click on the Library tab, then look for the Folder/computer icon under the Excel icon in Connect and Export. That should open up a window in Windows Explorer containing all the files and folders in the site, and you can control it like it is a Windows folder (for the most part). Be careful when manipulating files from here as it is very easy to add/delete bulk files. You must be using Internet Explorer for this to work.

Instructions for Mac users:

It is possible to access the Sharepoint “Explorer view” on a Mac. WARNING!! You will have access to files for the entire site, including system files, so please be EXTREMELY careful not to modify files outside of the ones you are supposed to.

To access the Sharepoint site’s “Explorer view”, go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server …

In the box that appears, type in the address of your faculty-hub site, eg. https://faculty-hub.wharton.upenn.edu/dept/site. (Optional: Click the “+” if you want to add it as a favourite site so you don’t have to retype the site every time.) Then click Connect.

Wait a few moments for the connection to succeed. Once it does, you will be prompted for credentials to faculty-hub. Make sure that “Registered User” is checked, and that your username is in the format “whartonusername.” If your login is successful, you will see a listing of ALL FILES – including system files – for the site. The ONLY folder we need to access is “Shared Documents” – make sure not to touch any other folder in the system.

Browse into “Shared Documents”. From here on, you can move/copy/delete files and folders like they are in your Finder.