Accessing other Cloud Storage

Accessing your data on HPCC

You will be able to do this through MobaXterm or access your homedir as a network drives.  You no longer need to login to Wharton VPN to access the HPCC environment from WorkSpaces but if you still would like to use the Wharton VPN (FortiClient) please click on the following link.  The instructions are at the bottom under “Connecting your Wharton VPN (FortiClient)”.

  • Through MobaXterm:
    • Open MobaXterm then click on Session on the top left.
    • In Sessions click on SSH on top left.
    • Under Remote host type in (if you are in the Real Estate department please type in
    • Afterwards please click on okay and you should be all set to SSH into HPCC environment.  Please use your Wharton credentials to login to HPCC.
  • Through network folder:
    • Open up file explorer.  Right click on This PC and click on Map network drive…
    • Choose the drive letter then under Folder: type \\\username (again, if you are in Real Estate department please use \\\username)
    • Leave Reconnect at sign-in checked and click on Finish.
    • This should create a network drive which is connected to your HPCC homedir.

If you have any more questions on the HPCC please refer to these useful documentations on High Performance Computing.

Connecting Dropbox

You can install the Dropbox client on AWS WorkSpaces, but please remember to use the Dropbox Smart Sync function and only download what you need.  You only have 100GB hard drive space on WorkSpaces and your storage can fill up pretty quickly if you don’t check on what is being sync’ed from Dropbox.